The Ultimate Piano Jam: 12 Pianists, 24 Hands, and One Incredible Song

The Ultimate Piano Jam: 12 Pianists, 24 Hands, and One Incredible Song

If 2 hands could make a pianoforte sing, visualize the innovational symphony of a dozen attractive pianists. Played by the Washington conservatoire of Music, this recording from a TEDMED accomplishment is a extraordinary showcase of mellifluous teamwork. The show begins with 1 pianist motion at a impressive piano.

Subsequently playing an epic possibility prepositional phrase to establish the mood, aggregate pianists line up behindhand him and continue to appropriate turns, playacting a hardly any notations in rhythm and sliding off the pianoforte bench.

The group of 12 musicians are enervating all black. subsequently they all break through on stage, they break ground to amuse oneself with aggregate hands on the piano.

They leaning on top of each other to furnish to the song. Some pianists strike the sections privileged the pianoforte with mallets. 16 or more hands are playacting at the corresponding time. It is quite a spectacle, and the music is performed flawlessly. Adding to the show, some of the pianoforte participants circumstance and dance yet waiting for their turn.

Their attractiveness and antics are entertain as a hardly any colleagues appropriate an lengthened solo. There’s an stimulating section where all twelve pianists accompany a exfoliation up the piano, following each over-the-counter with rhythmic precision. Then, they inauguration sliding down the pianoforte keys manufacturing wilderness sounds leading to the finale.

The music constructs with concentration as all hands from all pianists are playacting keys, striking strings with mallets, and plucking strings. The extraordinary accomplishment lasts for over 5 minutes and is unadulterated mellifluous perfection.

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